Be mentioned. Cystitis - treatment depends on the nature, i. E. Cause of the cystitis. cheap viagra 5mg If only a cystitis is present, then treatment should be instituted using antibiotics, if possible focused on the type of bacteria causing the disease. In some cases there is more going on. A bladder stone, impregnated with bacteria, could be present, in which case the stone should also be treated. Or there might be an obstruction of the bladder outlet, because of prostatic enlargement or a urethral stricture. viagra pills for sale In these cases a residue of urine will often be left in the bladder after voiding, enhancing the chance of recurring infection. In cases of concurrent prostatitis an intermittent cystitis frequently exists. Too low an acid content of the urine can also cause recurrent infections. A frequent cause of infection of the bladder is insufficient urine production, for instance in hot weather. viagra headquarters building If this cleaning mechanism of the bladder is interrupted, for example because of loss of water in the form of sweat, the bacteria will not be flushed out of the bladder often enough and will get time to multiply. Bladder stone - if the stone is not very large (an inch or so) it will generally be possible to crush it by using the cystoscope and flush out the debris. This is not a suitable method for very large stones, which can better be removed during a 'conventional' operation. viagra online fo sale It should be borne in mind that there might be a cause for the bladder stone, like kidney stones or an enlarged prostate, which should then also be treated. viagra price pakistan lahore Bladder cancer - the treatment of bladder cancer is very much depending on the size of the tumor and whether it is still confined to the inside of the bladder wall or not. viagra headquarters building The presence of tumor spread to other parts of the body also influences the choice of therapy. If the tumor is confined to the inside of the bladder wall, it can usually be removed by cystoscope through the urethra (turt: transurethral resection of tumor); afterwards only a small scar will mark the spot. Frequent checkups by cystoscopic examination will be necessary to be able to detect and to remove recurrent tumor early in its development. If the tumor has grown into the bladder wall, it is generally impossible to remove it through the cystoscope. viagra headquarters building In those cases, an operative procedure will be necessary to remove a part of the bladder containing the tumor. Often the bladder as a whole will need to be removed and the ureters will be connected to the skin (stoma) via a small isolated part of the small bowel. say doctor get prescription viagra This type of operation is quite demanding on the general health of the patient and will only be done if he or she can take it. cheap viagra If not, radiotherapy can be an alternative. In certain cases additional therapy with chemical agents or a combination of surgery and radiation may be the best choice. If tum. order liquid viagra