Advertisement        ask the experts about safe sex and hiv preventionsafe sex and hiv prevention                       rollover images to visit our other forums! viagra pills    0  email  glossary ask the experts  >  forum on safe sex and hiv prevention  >  q & a hiv cvid/iga jun 1, 2008 dr bob, i just discovered your site while looking for infoo regarding what effect iga deficiency may have on my risk of developing hiv. I've lead a very sheltered life up until recently. At the ageof 48, i have started some risky behaviors. Mostly oral sex with other men. I always thought it was low risk, but recently heard that my complete lack of iga may increase my risk of infection significantly. Now that the horse is out of the barn, i'm worried. best generic viagra pharmacies What can you tell me about iga deficiency and hiv? I'll bet i wouldn't last long after infection with this disorder, even with medication. buy viagra without prescription I have been tested several times fir iga, and none was detected. can girls use viagra I have a history of severe respiratory and digestive infections, but always tested hiv neg. best place to buy viagra online I'm also a celiac, and lost about 9" of my colon 6 years ago, and had a temporary colostomy. Please tell me anything you can. does viagra have side effects for women Response from dr. Frascino hi, first off, cvid (common variable immunodeficiency disease) and selective iga deficiency are two different immunological conditions. Regarding cvid, since this condition is "variable" from person to person and can involve deficiency in immunoglobulin production, it is possible tests that rely on detection of specific antibodies (immunoglobulins) may be affected by the condition and therefore not be accurate. buy generic viagra online These tests would include hiv-antibody tests (elisa, eia, rapid tests). can girls use viagra Therefore using non-antibody dependent tests, such as a hiv dna pcr qualitative test may be necessary to assess hiv serostatus. Hopefully you are being followed by a board certified clinical immunologist for your selective iga deficiency. can girls use viagra (if not, you should be. ) the clinical immunologist should be able to review your laboratory test results and advise you regarding which hiv test would be warranted if indeed you had cvid in addition to selective iga deficiency. buy cheap viagra If you have selective iga disease exclusively, hiv-antibody test results would most likely not be compromised, because they would involve primarily other immunoglobulins (igg). As for iga deficiency. viagra for sale