languages zwerchfellschrittmacher privacy & contact see edit new embed webs videos images related text only wiki    diaphragmatic pacemaker accident breath cable christopher reeve diaphragmatic pacemaker electrical current electrode expiration frequency functional electrical stimulation healing horseback riding implant inhalation injury laparoscopy limb (anatomy) lung main page medicine muscle neck pacing paralysis phrenic nerve respirator respiratory failure respiratory rate spinal cord spinal cord injury surgery tetraplegic thoracic cavity thoracic diaphragm thoracotomy a diaphragmatic pacemaker, in medicine, is a surgically-implanted device used to help patients breathe following complications from spinal cord injuries. viagra 5 mg one a day The device works through pacing of the diaphragm. Mechanism in patients with a diaphragmatic pacemaker, their breathing is helped by setting the respiratory rate by electrical stimulation (pacing) of the phrenic nerve. buy viagra The pacing is accomplished via electrodes surgically implanted into the diaphragm, which is controlled by the phrenic nerve. Diaphragm pacing stimulates a normal breath response as follows: when an electrical current is passed through the electrodes, the diaphragm contracts, expanding the chest cavity, causing air to be sucked into the lungs (inspiration). viagra canada When the nerve is not stimulated, the diaphragm relaxes and air moves out of the lungs (expiration). Procedure this procedure was approved in europe under ce mark and the us in 2008. It is being tested in patients with injuries that cut across (transect) the cervical spinal cord high in the neck and result in paralysis of all four limbs (tetraplegia) and respiratory failure which require constant mechanical ventilatory support. For the procedure to work, the function of the phrenic nerve must be normal. viagra cheap online Diaphragm pacing originally required a surgical opening of the chest cavity (thoracotomy) to implant the electrodes. It is now done by laparoscopy through small openings in the chest. buy cheap viagra Patients undergo laparoscopic implantation of electrodes in the muscle of the diaphragm and initial electrical stimulation. buy viagra online Following a recovery period of a week or so, diaphragm pacing is initiated. Wires from the electrodes in the diaphragm run to and from a control box worn outside the body. The pacing is performed according to a reconditioning program in which the duration and frequency of electrode stimulation is gradually increased until full-time diaphragm pacing is achieved. como usar o viagra 50mg The actor christopher reeve, who was paralyzed and on a respirator after fracturing his neck in a horseback riding accident, underwent the procedure in 2003. External links medicinenet. Com -diaphragm pacing from the outside of his neck this hooks. come usare al meglio viagra buy viagra cheap